Illiquid Asset Survey – Findings and Recommendations

Illiquid Asset Survey – Findings and Recommendations

Brad Davidson,Spardata/Unique Assets
January 29, 2015

In 2012 the OCC published a Unique and Hard-to-Value Assets Handbook.  As a result many banks were taking a closer look at how they handled their customers’ unique assets (i.e. real estate, mineral interests, closely-held businesses, insurance policies, collectibles etc.); and wanted to know how their practices compare to their trust industry peers.  A survey of 47 institutions ranging in size from $4 million to $151 billion in total trust assets was performed. This presentation by SPARDATA Principal Brad Davidson highlighted the Illiquid Asset Survey’s most important findings, and recommended several unique asset “best practices” of interest to those wishing to better serve their customers’ needs while increasing fee income and shrinking risk exposure. This was one of the first ever surveys of these asset classes and provided the advisor working with these assets with a wide array of information.

Download Handbook Here: Illiquid Asset Survey – Findings and Recommendations