Life Settlement Primer, Creating Liquidity from a Non-Liquid Asset

Life Settlement Primer, Creating Liquidity from a Non-Liquid Asset

Jon Mendelsohn, Ashar Group, LLC

With millions of dollars of life insurance policies being surrendered annually in TOLI trusts, it is important that you understand the options available for your clients.  In fact, as a fiduciary you may be liable if you do not.  Join a leading expert of the life settlement marketplace as he explains the industry in easy to understand terms.  The session will review the state of the marketplace today and focus on the best practices that should be employed to maximize the benefits to your client, the beneficiary.  Real life examples will be employed to highlight the life settlement process. And you will learn which clients and policies might be a candidate for a life settlement, how the process works, and how to deliver the best results for your client.  If you are managing life insurance policies, this is a session you need to attend.