Fiduciary Responsibilities vis-à-vis Unique Assets

Fiduciary Responsibilities vis-à-vis Unique Assets

Brad Davidson,Spardata/Unique Assets
Don Moore, Bearmoor, LLC

“Unique assets” such as real estate, mineral oil and gas interests, privately owned businesses, loans and notes, life insurance, intangible assets, collectibles, farms, ranches and other investments pose challenges to fiduciaries asked to hold them.  Because unique asset owners tend to be wealthy and own plenty of traditional as well as unique assets, institutions hate saying “no” and end up accepting them.   This course considers the fiduciary’s responsibilities to value, administer and/or manage unique assets in every type of account (i.e. custody accounts, IRAs, investment management accounts, revocable trust accounts, directed trust accounts, etc.)  If your institution holds unique assets (or is considering it), you will want to attend this session

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