How to Conduct a Trust Owned Life Insurance Policy Review

How to Conduct a Trust Owned Life Insurance Policy Review

Aaron Hanson, CLU and Michael Brohawn, CFP, CLU, ITM TwentyFirst
Thursday April 20, at 2 PM ET
1 Hour CE credit for CFP, CTFA and FIRMA Certified Member

The OCC and regulatory guidance require initial and annual reviews for life insurance policies held in a trust. Life insurance has become increasingly hard to manage with cost increases and investment returns that can dramatically affect the policy year to year. The use of an annual policy review is not just a fiduciary requirement; it is the backbone of prudent policy management. This session, using the new ITM TwentyFirst Insight Report as a guide, will show the trustee, and those who handle life insurance, what is necessary to track on an annual basis, and what to do when a policy “goes off track.” The session will be accompanied by a session handbook that will become a reference book for managing life insurance in a trust setting.

Session Handbook: Download