Learning When, Why and How to Do a Life Settlement

Learning When, Why and How to Do a Life Settlement

Jon B. Mendelsohn, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ashar Group

Each year over $100 Billion in life insurance death benefit is surrendered or allowed to lapse by seniors age 65 or older.  Can you imagine the potential liability to advisors that omit this discussion with their clients? This significant asset could be used by many older individuals to help fund general retirement living or even long term care expenses.  This session is designed to provide advisors, especially those acting as trustees in the personal trust space, the opportunity to gain a practical understanding of the life settlement process.  Learn why and when you would sell a life insurance policy and how the actual process works.  Our presenter, a nationally known life settlement market executive will give you the insight you need to allow you to maximize the value of a life insurance policy.  Jon will show you how to provide your clients a valuable service and if you are a trustee of a life insurance policy, will show you how you can live up to your fiduciary responsibilities.   This practical session is one you should not miss.

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