Second Harvest Heartland – Food Sorting and Packing

Second Harvest Heartland – Food Sorting and Packing |

Sorting, and packing food to be distributed to those that are food insecure in Minnesota and Eastern Wisconsin in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The first project that volunteers conquered was Second Harvest Heartland’s new Food Rx program which focuses on those that are food insecure, and have to follow certain dietary guidelines due to cultural beliefs or health issues (diabetes, heart disease). After completing the quota for the day, our volunteers moved on to sorting, weighing, and bagging yams to be distributed to local food shelves across Minnesota and Eastern Wisconsin. Volunteers packed 5,482 pounds of food, and when broken down each volunteer supplied 233 meals.


New York City Relief – The Relief Bus

New York City Relief – The Relief Bus |

Serving the underprivileged with New York City Relief in Chelsea Park, New York City, New York. Volunteers met the Relief Bus onsite, and served with coordinators from New York City relief by setting up tables and chairs on the sidewalks in Chelsea Park, serving soup/beverages, offering socks/toiletries, and personally interacting with those in need. Volunteers assisted with clean-up after the event.


People Serving People

People Serving People |
Lunch serving with People Serving People in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. This volunteer effort took place two Fridays in a row, as the shelter is always in need of volunteers to help serve meals. We toured the shelter before serving lunch, allowing volunteers to gain a better understanding of the shelter’s mission. After the tour, volunteers served residents utilizing the shelter’s resources, and assisted with clean-up.

People Serving People

People Serving People 2

Country View Care Center – Special Olympics

Country View Care Center – Special Olympics |
Special Olympics with Country View Care Center in Waterloo, Iowa. Volunteers assisted residents participating in the event as well as led Olympic-like activities during Country View Care Center’s annual Special Olympics. Things went so well that a second volunteer effort with Country View Care Center took place a month later!

Country View Care Center